Smoke not only is it harmful to health in the sense that it favors the appearance of cancer, lung or heart problems, in addition, according to Ginefiv, tobacco can also worsen the fertility of men and women.

According to this clinic of assisted reproduction, women who smoke have a quality of oocytes and embryos more deficient, more chances of suffering chromosomal abnormalities and their menopause can go ahead between one and four years.

"The effect of smoking on smokers is comparable to having ten more years, too much if we are thinking of being mothers"

It can even make it difficult for them to become pregnant through a fertility treatment, since, according to Dr. Victoria Verdú, Ginefiv gynecology coordinator, in order to stimulate ovulation, smokers require taking more gonadotropin medication and the rates of success of fertilization are lower. The expert affirms that the effect of tobacco in this sense is equivalent to aging ten years, something fundamental if one thinks about the possibilities of being a mother.

Smoking can also lead to serious problems during pregnancy: smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day increases the chances of miscarriage, extra-uterine gestation, premature birth, placenta previa, sudden infant death and other genetic problems in the baby.

Of course, it is never too late to quit, as, apparently, "only a year after quitting tobacco can reverse the loss of fertility levels," remarks Verdú.

How smoking affects male fertility

As for men, smoking does not bring anything good for their fertility either. Thus, the semen quality of smokers is proportionately worse than those who do not smoke, since the harmful components contained in tobacco can cause fragmentation of the DNA contained in the sperm, which makes both the embryo implantation success levels , as the quality of it go down considerably.

This type of lesions of the spermatic DNA can be diagnosed by different methods: the SCSA (Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay) and SCD (Sperm Chromatin Dispersion test) or the tunnel method are the most used. While to prevent and improve the quality of semen can be used treatments based on antioxidants, a balanced diet, avoid exposure to toxic products and, of course, no smoking. On this page you will find some tips for quitting tobacco.

Source: Ginefiv Clinic

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