The HDL cholesterol, commonly called as 'good' cholesterol, protects our body against cardiovascular diseases, especially against atheroscleroscolar, a problem that consists of fat accumulating in the walls of the arteries, blocking them and thus causing cardiac events such as heart attacks and stroke.

The good cholesterol or HDL protects our body against atherosclerosis

Well, a study from the University of Sydney (Australia) warns that smoking during pregnancy can reduce HDL cholesterol levels of the fetus. Thus, the authors of this work have discovered that, until age eight, children of mothers who smoked during pregnancy had lower levels of 'good' cholesterol (1.3 millimoles per liter) than children born to mothers who did not smoke during pregnancy (1.5 millimoles per liter).

More specifically, the chances of these children suffering from heart disease are between 10 and 15 percent higher than in children whose mothers did not smoke during pregnancy.


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