It was already known that smoking during pregnancy was counterproductive to the developing fetus, but a new study now provides data on the influence that exposure to tobacco in the womb can have on the fertility of the baby when it reaches adulthood.

The work - 'The impact of cigarettes smoking on the health of descendants'-, which has been published in' Expert Review of Obstetrics & Gynecology ', reveals that when a woman smokes more than ten cigarettes a day during pregnancy, her baby can reach to have fertility problems in the future, since the smoking of the mother causes the concentration of sperm to decrease between 20 and 48% in the case of a male, and the oocyte reserve is limited in the case of girls.

If the pregnant woman smokes, the baby's sperm concentration, if it is male, can decrease between 20 and 48%. If you are a girl, your reserve of oocytes can be reduced

The study refers to the effects of parental smoking on the health of their descendants in the last 20 years, and shows that exposure of the fetus to tobacco is related to a high incidence of malformations and other disorders such as obesity , alterations in behavior, or hyperactivity.

Smoking is contraindicated throughout the pregnancy, but during the second and third trimesters it can be especially dangerous for the fetus because it is when its neuronal development occurs. Thus, in studies that evaluated 10-year-old children whose mothers had smoked during this stage of gestation, it was observed that the children showed a lack of attention and irritability, and that their response to auditory stimuli was reduced. They also had a delay in language acquisition if compared to children of the same age who had not been exposed to tobacco before birth.

For all these reasons, Dr. José Bellver, gynecologist at the IVI Valencia clinic, explains that both women who are already pregnant and couples who want to have a child should refrain from smoking and avoid passive exposure to nicotine. It has been shown that smoking implies a risk to the health of the descendants, both in the short and long term.

Source: IVI clinic

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