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Sixth month of pregnancy

Sixth month of pregnancy

At sixth month of pregnancy, the baby's measurements begin to be more proportionate. In these weeks it develops its maximum activity. In addition, he can already hear you, so it is important to talk...
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Week 23 of pregnancy

There is less to finish the sixth month of gestation, and the baby's measurements start to be more proportionate.The babyIn the week 23 of pregnancy, the baby can already hear his mother; the bones...
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Week 24 of pregnancy

The baby develops its maximum activity between 24 and 28 weeks. As the weeks go by, the baby begins to have less space to move, kick ...Fingerprints are formed.The babyThe fetus weighs around 600...
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Week 26 of pregnancy

In the week 26 of pregnancy, the baby spends most of the time sleeping, but when he is awake the mother notices it because it has acquired more strength and her "kicks" are much more powerful than...
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