According to the experts, separating the teeth for aesthetic reasons can produce from cervical discomfort and headache to scoliosis, because this intervention produces abnormalities in the oral cavity that force the muscles of the face and neck to decompensate, which may end up affecting the hips, knees and ankles. The alteration of the muscular system results in discomfort in the joints.

The desire to have a good physical appearance causes many people to resort to aesthetic treatments to modify their physiognomy or touch up defects. However, fashion, or wanting to look like someone famous, has led many people to demand procedures that can put their health at risk. Thus, specialists have warned of the dangers of provoking diastema or, what is the same, ask the dentist to separate the teeth, not for health needs, but to change their image and look like celebrities like Madonna or Vanessa Paradis.

Fashion, or wanting to look like a celebrity, has led many people to demand procedures that can put their health at risk

To provoke diastema a transparent device is used, 'invisalign', whose function is to correct defects of the denture -as when the teeth are too close together or separated, or the bite is crossed, for example-, and that in this case is used with the objective of separating the teeth one millimeter or one and a half millimeters, which happens after two or three months.

At the other extreme, another current fashion trend that specialists also discourage is the crowding of teeth, that is, forcing the denture to produce the 'double tooth', something that happens naturally in some children when it does not exist enough space in the oral cavity, and that is a procedure very requested in countries like Japan because they consider that it gives the smile a childish appearance.

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