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Intellectual activity contributes to aging in a 'healthy' way

Experts bet on the "general intellectual activity", such as reading books or doing physical exercise, to keep "alive" the stem cells that exist in the brain "all of life" and make it possible...
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Types of day centers for the elderly

With retirement comes free time and sometimes it is difficult to occupy, especially if you suffer some small ailment. A good solution is to go to the day centers, spaces destined to leisure and care...
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When to stop driving if you are older

There is no specific age to stop driving, however, authorities usually reduce the period of validity of the driving license after 65 years. This is the case of Spain, where the validity of the card...
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Tips for older drivers

Abandoning a habit like moving in your own vehicle is not easy. However, when you get older, you have to be aware of your physical and mental limitations. Whether it is your case or that of someone...
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Why does a person need a mobile

Contrary to what many older people tend to think, mobile phones or smartphones they are not devices only for young people, since they can also make life easier for them. Among older people there are...
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How age affects driving ability

However well we preserve ourselves, the passage of time is inclement and, little by little, limits our physical and mental faculties. Faced with this reality to which we all resist, we must be aware...
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Keys to healthy skin after 60 years

If there is something in which all the people agree is that we do not like the signs that the passage of time leaves in our organism, especially in the skin. Since ancient times we have been...
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Leisure and transport: discounts for retirees

The discounts for retireds they do not always appear in public view at the box office, but you should not hesitate or be ashamed to ask if there is any special discount at that time, or on any other...
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How to keep the house cool without air conditioning

The people over 65 are especially sensitive to the high temperatures of the summer, because the thermoregulatory system of the organism does not work correctly at certain ages and because they have...
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Who are the 'grandfathers swallow'

The aging of the population means that there is a high number of elderly people who have lost the necessary skills to live alone. To give them the best care, some children choose to welcome them into...
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