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Second month of pregnancy

Week 5 of pregnancy

In the week 5 of pregnancy, the embryo still has no human form, but the head can already be distinguished, whose size is far superior to the rest of the body; the nasal orifices and retinas of the...
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Week 7 of pregnancy

In the week seven of pregnancy, the placenta continues to form and begin to pass nutrients from the body of the mother to the embryo; It will also be responsible for the removal of waste. It is now...
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Week 6 of pregnancy

Now you are in the week 6 of pregnancy, and the fetus' heart is already beating. The growth during this week is very fast, and the formation of the majority of the organs takes place. It is,...
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Week 8 of pregnancy

One of the most important aspects observed in the week eight of pregnancy is that you start to call fetus to the embryo, coinciding with the change of dependence that has occurred, since in the...
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Week 9 of pregnancy

As the weeks go by, the fetus acquires a human form; now, in the nine week of pregnancy, it measures a little less than 3 cm. The head is still disproportionate, since it is larger than the rest of...
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