The curcumin, a substance present in the saffron from India, and that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, could contribute to reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack in those patients who have undergone surgery to perform a coronary bypass, according to the data obtained in a study carried out in Thailand by a group of researchers from the University of Chiang Mai.

In the surgical procedure that is performed to place a coronary bypass, the heart suffers from a lack of prolonged blood flow that can damage it, and as a result, the chances of the patient having a heart attack increase. That's why the scientists carried out a study with the aim of checking whether the administration of turmeric extract It could have beneficial effects on these patients at risk.

Administration of curcumin reduced by 65% ​​the chances of these patients to suffer a heart attack

To carry out the research, 121 patients who had undergone surgery between 2009 and 2011 were selected and divided into two groups; the first one began to administer curcumin capsules - a gram - four times a day, from three days before surgery, continuing with this treatment for five days after the intervention, while the other group took placebo with the same regularity.

The authors of the study found a significant difference in the incidence of infarction between both groups. Thus, in the postoperative period, 13% of the patients who had taken the turmeric extract capsules suffered a heart attack, while 30% of the infarcts occurred in the placebo group. Researchers analyzed the risk factors presented by all patients before surgery and concluded that the administration of curcumin reduced by 65% ​​the chances of these patients suffering from a heart attack.

In other studies, the ability of curcumin to reduce inflammation or the damage caused by free radicals has already been observed, so the researchers believe that the decrease in the rate of heart attacks in patients who participated in the new study could be related to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of this substance. However, in the opinion of experts, it must be used with caution because its abuse could lead to side effects and, in no step, should replace the prescribed medication to these patients to protect them against the risk of heart attack.

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