The Research Center on Phytotherapy (INFITO), advises the consumption of pharmaceutical products made with royal jelly at this time of the year, to stimulate the body's defenses. Royal jelly is a substance produced by worker bees by mixing honey, water and nectar with saliva and hormones, and is intended to feed the queen bee and larvae of less than three days, to promote the health and longevity of the queen , responsible for the reproduction in the hive.

In the composition of royal jelly include vitamins (such as C, E, A and several of group B), minerals (such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, selenium and copper), unsaturated fatty acids and amino acids, a cocktail that makes it a excellent restorative that serves to cover nutritional deficits associated with spring asthenia.

An investigation that was published in January in Biotechnological Progress, revealed that one of these amino acids, the royalisine, has antimicrobial action, while other research published on the same dates in Journal of Peptides Sciences, confirmed that jaleinas - peptides also present in its composition - act especially against gram-positive bacteria.

Spring asthenia, a transient disorder

The days that lengthen thanks to the increase in hours of light, temperature variations and pollination favor the appearance of physical and mental disorders in many people, such as fatigue, drowsiness, irritability, and apathy, which result in nutritional deficiencies and a lowering of the defenses. These are transient alterations associated with spring asthenia, which account for one out of every ten visits to the Primary Care physician at this time of the year, says Dr. Alberto Sacristán, family doctor and member of the board of INFITO.

Royal jelly is also indicated in people subject to great stress, such as workers and students, and when we have to face stressful situations, explains Dr. Sacristán.

The fatigue and apathy that characterize spring asthenia, explains Concha Navarro, president of INFITO, and Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Granada, can also be fought with other products that include certain natural substances such as ginseng, the guarana and the eleutherococcus. According to Concha Navarro, ginseng root contributes to increase the capacity of resistance to stress, and improve our general feeling of vitality and physical and mental well-being. The fruit of guarana, rich in caffeine, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium, has physical and psychic stimulating properties, while euleterococcus increases the body's resistance.

Source: Research Center on Phytotherapy (INFITO)

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