In Spain, between 0.9 and 1.8 million cases of acute rhinosinusitis. The approximate cost of an episode of acute rhinosinusitis is 795 euros. Taking into account that in Spain between 0.9 and 1.8 million cases are registered annually, it is estimated that the approximate cost of acute rhinosinusitis in our country is between 700 and 1400 million euros each year. This is because the patients are polymedicated, not getting the desired result.

Millions of people suffer from this pathology, turning rhinosinusitis into one of the disorders with the greatest medical repercussions and negative impact on the economy of the European Union. This has been highlighted by the PROSINUS study, which analyzes the diagnosis and therapeutic management of this disease and also the first one that has specifically evaluated its socioeconomic impact in Europe. It is the first Spanish epidemiological and prospective study.

For their treatment, otolaryngologists establish three basic objectives: relief of symptoms, rapid cure of the disease and prevention of complications. Specialists also try not to abuse the use of antibiotics and mucolytics because they believe that patients are polymedicated and not always get them to heal at the scheduled time, established in a month.

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