Disseminate recommendations so that people who can not eat at home due to their work adopt correct eating habits, and stimulate the catering sector to offer healthier and balanced menus, are the objectives of the 'Food Project'. A campaign that has already been presented in Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Czech Republic and Sweden, and that has the support of the European Commission, the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition, the Mediterranean Diet Foundation and the company "ticket restaurant "Accor Services.

In a survey that took place among 5,000 restaurants before the campaign began, 95% of the owners of the establishments said that they can improve the menus they offer, and no less than 56% of the respondents admitted that the clients each they demanded more healthy menus.

The director of Accor Services, Manuel Asla, points out that restaurant owners usually do not know what a diet should include to be correct from the nutritional point of view. In addition, they lack time and have a limited budget. However, 63% would like to receive training courses on balanced diet.

Recommendations of "Project Food"

The campaign will use information brochures, courses and a web page where all the information will be offered: www.food-programme.eu/es/.

  • Let there be two types of rations, one standard and one with half.
  • That priority be given to foods cooked in the oven, steamed or grilled.
  • That on the tables there are always bottles or jars with water.
  • That you can choose between different dressings, and the sauces are served separately so that the diner can add the amount you want.
  • That they offer more dishes that include legumes and nuts, to reduce the consumption of meat.
  • May fresh fruit prevail as a habitual dessert.
  • People who must eat in restaurants for work reasons are advised to reduce fat intake, and ensure that the diet is varied and includes: vegetables, pasta, fish, white meat and fruit.

How to Encourage Your Child to Make Healthy Food Choices (November 2019).