Numerous studies have endorsed the benefits of moderate consumption of red wine for cardiovascular health, since polyphenols that it contains have the ability to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis. However, the alcohol contained in the wine counteracts the effects of polyphenols when it comes to reducing blood pressure.

Now, new research, published by the American Heart Association 'Circulation' magazine, has shown that in a group of men suffering from diabetes or having more than three cardiovascular risk factors, the intake of red wine without alcohol lower your blood pressure

The intake of red wine without alcohol has reduced the blood pressure of a group of men with cardiovascular risk factors

The study, in which 67 men participated, aimed to identify the components of wine that produced beneficial effects on patients with a tendency to suffer hypertension.

The authors of the work divided the volunteers into three groups and administered them red wine with alcohol, gin, or red wine without alcohol. In those who took gin, no change in blood pressure was observed, and red wine with alcohol reduced this parameter very little; however, the blood pressure of men who drank red wine without alcohol decreased 6mmHg in systolic blood pressure-the highest-and 2 mmHg in diastolic blood pressure-the lowest.

The researchers also emphasize that the consumption of red wine without alcohol, accompanied by a Mediterranean diet and the practice of physical exercise, has other positive effects on health, such as improving the lipid profile and the metabolism of sugar, in addition to its properties antioxidants

Does Alcohol Affect your Blood Pressure? (November 2019).