A group of Dutch researchers have proven that the rabbit milk Genetically modified to include a protein, C1 inhibitor and a human gene, may be beneficial for patients with cardiovascular problems.

The scientists intend to use this type of genetically altered milk, which has already been tested in about 200 people, to avoid rejection in the case of organ transplants and regeneration of tissues that are injured during various situations such as a stroke, traffic accidents or heart attacks, and also help in the treatment of some hereditary conditions of the immune system such as angioedema, which originates precisely as a result of the lack or malfunction of protein C1.

The C1 intervenes in the control of inflammatory processes in the body, so it can be detrimental to health that their levels decrease. For this reason, there is currently a great demand for this protein, which is normally extracted from human or animal blood; But this process is expensive and involves risks of infection by viruses such as HIV or CJD (responsible for Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease). The new procedure, on the other hand, allows the production of the protein at a low cost and with no quantity limit, according to Sijmen de Vries, the executive director of Pharming, the company that will make the project a reality if the product finally obtains the approval of the competent European health authorities.

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