Functional foods, properly used, can reduce health costs caused by the health problems of the population. At least this is what the experts gathered in the Cycle of Conferences-debates on Food and Health in the Present Time: Critical Review, organized by the Royal National Academy of Medicine with the collaboration of the DANONE Institute.

Functional foods help both compensate for certain nutritional deficiencies, and prevent the development of many pathologies

The specialists attending the event wanted to point out that in recent years there has been a growing demand for products enriched with vitamins and other substances with beneficial effects on health, such as functional foods, which serve both to compensate for certain nutritional deficiencies and to prevent the appearance of pathologies such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases or disorders of the immune system. And that this is related to the greater knowledge that the population has about the importance of following a balanced diet to improve and maintain health.

Currently we have at our disposal in supermarkets a wide variety of functional foods, such as milk and juices to which calcium and vitamin D have been added to prevent osteoporosis, fermented milks to stimulate the defenses, dairy products, eggs and juices that include omega -3 (which benefits the cardiovascular system), cereals with fiber to correct constipation ...

The professor of Nutrition and Bromatology of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Barcelona, ​​Abel Mariné, explained that the consumption of foods considered functional, in its just measure, increases the quality of our diet and helps to prevent some diseases and reduce their symptomatology when they are already suffering, which allows to reduce the sanitary cost and the use of medicines. The expert warns, however, that it is not advisable for the healthy population to abuse this type of food that, in excess, can be harmful to health, and that it is especially indicated for people who have risk factors to develop certain pathologies, whose prevention or treatment has already been proven effective.

Source: Royal National Academy of Medicine (RANM)

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