A study conducted in Australia by a team of researchers from the 'Murdoch Childrens Research Institute' and the 'Royal Children's Hospital', and led by Valerie Sung, has revealed that the use of probiotics -Lactobacillus reuteri- It can be effective to treat infant colic, especially when it comes to babies exclusively fed by breastfeeding.

The authors of the study - which has been published in 'JAMA Pediatrics'- systematically reviewed 12 trials in which 1,825 babies of three months or less were randomized, either oral probiotics, placebo, or no treatment.

Five of these trials examined the efficacy of probiotics in the treatment of infant colic and, in the remaining seven, the role they played in the prevention of this disorder, in order to know the number of episodes of crying in the infant. baby, its duration, or the diagnosis of colic in nursing infants.

Half of the trials analyzed suggested that probiotics had reduced babies' crying

According to the findings of the research, in half of the trials it was suggested that probiotics had reduced the crying of babies. In addition, in three of the five management studies it was ensured that probiotics effectively treated colic in those babies who were breastfed, one suggested that they were not effective in this case, and another suggested that they can be effective also in babies fed formula milk.

Researchers have stated that it is necessary to perform randomized trials of larger size and rigorously designed, in order to assess the effectiveness of probiotic L. Reuteri in the prevention and treatment of these cramps, especially in babies fed artificial milk.

Pediatrics & Child Health Care : Newborn Colic Remedies (November 2019).