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Magnesium sulfate could protect the brain of the fetus

A study conducted at the University of Melbourne (Australia) concludes that the magnesium sulphate before birth it can be neuroprotective for the fetus, preventing cerebral palsy.This finding could...
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Why cough during a cervical biopsy?

Force cough during a cervical biopsy It is as effective as an injection of local lidocaine anesthesia to alleviate the pain experienced during this type of gynecological test in a fast and economical...
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Induces the growth of ovules in infertile women

A new technique, developed by scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo Alto, California (USA), has succeeded in inducing the ovaries of five women-who were infertile because...
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Associated assisted reproduction and cardiac risk

A study carried out by researchers from the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and the Idibaps (Institute of Biomedical Research August Pi i Sunyer), indicates that babies born thanks to assisted...
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Pregnant women with decompensated BMI, at risk

Pregnant women with a BMI (body mass index) Excessively high or low are more likely to suffer complications during pregnancy, require additional care in the hospital and cause higher medical costs,...
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The main fertility problems are of genetic origin

Infertility is a problem that, in Spain alone, affects up to 20% of couples, and in many cases can be linked to chromosomal alterations.Thus, as Javier Porta, director of Genoclinics - a company...
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The work of midwives reduces risks in pregnancy and childbirth

The assistance in childbirth and the follow-up of the entire gestation by a midwife reduces the risk of complications in pregnancy and decreases the percentage of premature births and the need to...
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Associated induced labor with increased risk of autism

Induce labor or, what is the same, stimulating the onset of uterine contractions before they begin spontaneously, as well as increasing the intensity, duration or frequency of these contractions when...
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Associate maternal smoking with child misbehavior

Smoke It is one of the prohibited behaviors during pregnancy, due to the multiple negative consequences it can have on the developing fetus. Now, a new study finds that mother's smoking during...
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Preeclampsia increases the risk of cerebral palsy

A study conducted by Norwegian researchers has found an association between preeclampsia - a complication of pregnancy that consists of the combination of hypertension and proteinuria, and that...
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