Yoga is a sport that has been practiced for thousands of years and that brings numerous benefits to health, providing a great physical and emotional well-being. Perhaps for this reason, a team of British researchers from the University of York have conducted a study to verify the effects of this discipline on a group of patients suffering from back pain.

The objective of the scientists was to find out if the practice of yoga could contribute to relieve recurrent or chronic back pain, and if this therapy would be cost effective for the health system of the United Kingdom. In this country, back pain is a health problem that consumes more than half of health spending and represents a great loss of working hours. It is estimated that more than two and a half million people consult Primary Care every year because of these ailments.

The patients who practiced yoga were four days off work, compared to twelve days in the case of those who followed the usual treatment

The authors of the study divided the volunteers into two groups, one of whom received only health care, while the others, in addition to the usual treatment in these cases, attended yoga classes. The follow-up of the patients lasted 12 weeks, and it was found that those who had practiced yoga were less days off work than those who followed the standard treatment, four days on average compared to the twelve days that the patients of the group were control.

According to the researchers, the results of the study show that including yoga classes in the treatment of patients with back pain can be profitable "with a probability of 70%" for the British health system as long as certain requirements are met, such as that the cost of the package of 12 yoga classes does not exceed 382 euros. In addition, specialists believe that the usual practice of this sport would reduce disability and improve the quality of life of those affected.

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