To practice Martial Arts Taichi or Qigong serves to control stress in the short and medium term and its beneficial effects on mental health are maintained over time, as demonstrated by a doctoral thesis that has just been presented at the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Murcia .

In the research that has reached these conclusions, 458 public employees participated who were selected because they presented a high level of work stress. These volunteers underwent a theoretical-practical training for one month, which was based on these martial arts with therapeutic applications, and experienced a significant improvement in their psychological health and ability to manage stress, similar to those of the population fury.

Participants in the study experienced a significant improvement in their psychological health and in their ability to manage stress

It was also observed that the participants in the study who performed a second treatment started from a level of stress two points lower than the rest of their co-workers, which found that the effects derived from the first intervention were maintained over time.

The author of the work, Jesús Carrillo Vigueras, defends in his doctoral thesis the convenience of using Taichi and Qigong as preventive measures against stress - which he defines as one of the most widespread psychosocial diseases in the Western world, responsible for numerous disorders of health-, and points out that the practice of these techniques would also prevent medical intervention expenses.

Dr. Oz and Karl Romain Demonstrate Stress-Relieving Qigong Exercises (November 2019).