The cancer patients They tend to feel excessive fatigue, which can last for months or years and, therefore, it was frequent to recommend these patients rest. However, specialists have investigated the benefits that physical activity can report to people affected by this disease, and have reached the conclusion that the practice of aerobic exercise (walking, swimming, cycling ...) can reduce the feeling of fatigue in these patients, and even increase their life expectancy .

To confirm this theory, a group of researchers has reviewed a sample with more than 50 studies that evaluated the benefits of performing physical exercise to people affected by cancer, during and after the therapies used to combat the disease, and have arrived at the conclusion that it effectively improves the quality of life and the prognosis of these patients.

Patients with breast cancer and prostate cancer were those who found themselves better after physical exercise

According to the authors of the research, which was just published in the 'Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews', those who were better after physical activity were people suffering from breast cancer and prostate cancer, while those who looked less benefiting from the exercise were those who suffered hematological diseases.

Experts explain that the ideal is a minimum of 30 minutes a day of moderate physical activity, always according to the capabilities and characteristics of the patient, and that can even be divided into three periods of 10 minutes each. It is important, then, that oncologists know the benefits that the exercise can bring, so that they can recommend it as soon as the patient is able to perform a moderate activity on a regular basis, since it helps the patient to tolerate the treatments better and is better both physically and psychologically.

Scientists who have elaborated the meta-analysis admit that it is necessary to perform new trials to evaluate the effects of long-term exercise, and to check the amount and type of exercise that is most appropriate for each patient and type of tumor.

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