With the summer heat and the inaccessible beach for some (for distance, work or economic situation), there are many who dare to splash day yes, day also in the pools. But it should be done with certain care. Especially as far as our eyes are concerned, since the prolonged exposure to heat and sun, and the excess chlorine and other chemical products that are used to keep the water in these facilities in good hygienic conditions, cause many of the irritative, viral or bacterial conjunctivitis that we often suffer during this time.

Some of the symptoms that make us suspect the presence of an eye infection are having red or stinging eyes, tearing, foreign body sensation, or hypersensitivity to light. To avoid these problems, specialists recommend the use of appropriate sunglasses with UV filter and that cover the eyes completely, and also use special glasses for swimming, in addition to taking measures to avoid possible infections and not sharing the towel.

Experts recommend not to bathe with contact lenses and to wear swimming goggles

Interestingly, one of the groups most likely to get an eye infection in the pool are people who wear contact lenses. Experts warn that it is not advisable to bathe with them on but that, should they do so, they should wear swimming and diving goggles to prevent water from coming into direct contact with the contact lenses.

It is also frequent that people suffering from dry eye suffer more in summer, since there are some factors that aggravate it such as exposure to air conditioning inside buildings and vehicles, or the use of fans, which cause dryness in the ocular surface. To counteract it, they advise that those affected use humidifiers and ophthalmic lubricants.

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