There are many people who, due to lack of time or laziness, stop doing sports just for the weekends. Even more so now that with the good weather you want to enjoy it outdoors. Well, according to the Spanish Society of Sports Traumatology (SETRADE), practicing sports only on weekends or sporadically increases the risk of suffering some type of injury.

Another factor that may increase the risk of injury from sports is that three out of four people who practice sports (according to CSIC data about 16 million people over 14) do it independently, and do not belong to any institution or sports club. In addition, more and more (45%) are those who prefer to do it outdoors (in the countryside, in parks, on the beach, rivers ...).

In these cases, as Dr. Tomás Fernández Jaén, a member of SETRADE, explains, the risk of injuries increases because people who practice sports on their own tend to have worse equipment, do not follow the experts' recommendations or carry out any sanitary control, and have worse facilities.

Before running ... go to the doctor

Before starting any sport experts recommend going to the sports doctor. Although in our country it is not usual, Dr. Fernández Jaén thinks that it is essential to consult the sports doctor in order to identify the possible risks, as well as to receive dietary and health recommendations. This is even more important when the person who is going to start playing sports is over 35 years old, because the risk of suffering an injury is even greater. For this reason, it advises people who start in sports, especially from that age, to take it easy, perform a regular and moderate activity, follow a diet appropriate to their age and activity, and avoid sudden exercises or intense.

Bioregulatory medicine to treat injuries

SETRADE experts, gathered in Valladolid at its 9th Biennial Congress, highlight the advantages of treating injuries that may arise with safe and effective drugs, such as those used by bioregulatory medicine, and which are marketed in pharmacies.

Before starting any sport experts recommend going to a sports doctor

The specialists agree in pointing out its benefits for this type of injuries, since they lack adverse side effects, typical of other treatments, and do not test positive for antidoping.

The drugs used in bioregulatory medicine are composed of active ingredients of plant and mineral origin, similar to those found in physiological processes, and there are many studies that demonstrate their effectiveness in treating the most frequent sports injuries.


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