An outbreak of meningitis, which has already caused the death of 15 people, has been triggered in the United States because of steroid injections-indicated for the treatment of back pain-that were damaged. At least 205 other people have been affected by this disease, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (CDC) have warned that the number of cases continues to rise.

And is that according to the calculations made by the CDC batches of injections in poor condition could have been acquired by up to 14,000 people, and there are already ten states in the country in which there has been some case.

The batches with injections in poor condition that have caused the outbreak of meningitis could have been acquired by up to 14,000 people

Although some types of meningitis can be spread, fortunately this outbreak is not infectious, since it is not a meningitis caused by viruses or bacteria, but has been caused by fungi present in the injections.

People who have been treated with this type of injections are now very distressed, since according to Dr. David Reagan, head of the Department of Health of Tennesse -state in which the first case was detected and where six have died people-, around 5% of the patients who have used the drugs have contracted the disease, and the incubation period of the same can be up to one month. This means that even in a few weeks, some people will not know if they are affected.

The outbreak has triggered numerous criticisms among those who believe that the regulation of the commercialization of this type of products should be stricter, to prevent mistakes like this from happening again.

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