The World Osteoporosis Day is celebrated on October 20, with the aim of raising society's awareness of this serious health problem, which affects more than two million women in Spain alone.

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones that is characterized by a decrease in density and strength of bone mass, which results in an increased risk of fractures.

Although women, especially after menopause, are the most affected, men also suffer from this disease, which is why one in three women and one in five men over 50 suffer a fracture throughout their lives. lifetime.

A study published by the International Osteoporosis Foundation (OIF) reveals, in addition, that at least two thirds of the vertebral fractures that occur in the world as a result of osteoporosis are not diagnosed or treated, with serious repercussions on health That this entails.

In Spain, osteoporosis causes around 25,000 fractures every year, with costs exceeding 126 million euros. Rheumatologists point out that 38% of patients who suffer a fracture die within two years after the event, and a large percentage of survivors have some sequelae that diminish their ability to lead an independent life.

Early diagnosis, with the consequent establishment of appropriate treatment, the specialists insist, is the best way to reduce the risk of fractures and improve the quality of life of those affected.

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