The symptoms of menopause can be very annoying in some cases and, in fact, specialists estimate that a quarter of women who are going through this stage would need to undergo treatment to relieve them, although only 4% of them receive hormone therapy .

In the opinion of experts, many women lack adequate information on how to prevent and reduce the conditions associated with menopause, such as hot flashes, urinary incontinence, osteoporosis, insomnia and cardiovascular disorders, and many preconceived ideas circulate about them. Potential dangers of hormone replacement therapy. Therefore, from the Spanish Association for the Study of Menopause (AEEM) want to emphasize that follow this treatment under strict medical control to determine the dosage and duration of therapy, and assess the possible side effects to adjust the medication to the specific needs of each patient, is effective to improve the well-being of menopausal women, and prevents or delays the onset of diseases such as those cited above.

The members of the AEEM point out that women should know all the possible treatment options and be aware that therapeutic support will help them improve their quality of life during the climacteric. Dr. Rafael Sánchez Borrego, president of the AEEM, explains that the treatments must be individualized according to the characteristics of the patient, and that the cooperation of the different specialists involved in the care of women during menopause should be promoted. This expert also stresses the importance of good prevention, so, in this period, women should take better care of their diet, enriching their diet with a greater amount of calcium, and exercise regularly, avoiding tobacco and Alcohol consumption.

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