The game on-line Spain has become the second cause why treatment is followed by pathological. This type of game, especially poker and betting, has increased significantly in our country since its regulation was carried out in 2011, and currently the number of users and the money they invest in this activity exceeds to other games that can cause addiction, such as those that occur in conventional casinos.

This is one of the conclusions of a study conducted earlier this year by the Spanish Federation of Rehabilitated Players of Chance (FEJAR), which states that the second reason for starting a treatment to recover from gambling, after the addiction to slot machines, is the pathological use of games on-line.

While conventional gambling usually takes between six and eight years to develop pathological gambling, playing online can create addiction in only one or two years

According to experts, the popularity of this type of games, and what makes them so dangerous, is their accessibility and the immediacy of the reward, as in the case of slot machines. It is estimated, moreover, that more than 30% of people who use the slots on-line they end up developing some kind of addiction to the game.

Maximum Enrique Gutiérrez, president of FEJAR, has warned that the online game modality generates addiction more quickly, and that while with the conventional game it usually takes between six and eight years to develop gambling, playing through the Internet can generate addiction in just one or two years.

The expert explains that the profile of the player is also different, and that they are serving very young people, about 20 years old, and warns that the management of new technologies at increasingly early ages may pose a risk to the adolescents may engage in addictive behaviors of this type.

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