The third part of the Spanish children never rests enough during the night rest, according to the data obtained after an investigation that they have realized in the Hospital Quirón of Valencia, that is published in 'Annals of Pediatrics', and that has taken as reference to 1,507 boys and girls of different ages, who came from different geographical areas.

The study reveals that they get up rested only once a week, or never, 37.4% of children between six and eight years, 25.3% of those between 9 and 11 years and 31.8 % of those from 12 to 15 years old.

Dr. Gonzalo Pin Arboledas, from the Valencian Sleep Unit of the Quirón Hospital in Valencia, and the main author of this study, warns that the way we learn to sleep as a child will influence our quality of sleep for the rest of our lives.

Researchers found that between 76.1% and 91.2% of children have a problem related to sleep, and that in the age range of 12 to 15 years, more than half (53.9% ) suffer nightmares more than once a week.

Dr. Pin points out that teachers have warned that around 4.26% of children fall asleep during class more than three times a week, and that this shows that they do not sleep the hours necessary for their age.

Society transmits to young people that sleep is unimportant; however, the quality of sleep has a significant influence on obesity or school failure

The researcher also highlights that up to 15% of children do not have a regular schedule to go to bed, but that they themselves decide when they want to sleep, even on school days. Pin laments that today's society transmits to young people the message that sleep is unimportant when, on the contrary, the quality of sleep significantly influences the risk of obesity or school failure.

The authors of the research will facilitate the conclusions of the study to the public administrations, with the objective that they take the measures they consider appropriate to promote the health education, since they consider that it is necessary to raise awareness among the population in general, and children and young people in particular, about the importance of getting enough sleep, and with quality.


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