Type 2 diabetes affects 12% of the population between 30 and 65 years old in our country, while another 11.5% is at risk of developing it. However, more than a million and a half Spaniards are diabetic and do not know it. As Dr. Francisco Javier Ampudia-Blasco, deputy of the Endocrinology and Nutrition Service of the University Hospital of Valencia "Although health campaigns promoted by different agencies have helped to increase the diagnosis in asymptomatic phases of the disease, it is estimated that still one third of patients who suffer from it are unaware of having type 2 diabetes."

Type 2 diabetes is one of the chronic diseases that has increased most in recent years in Western countries. Although it can present serious complications in the medium term, in many cases it remains undiagnosed or not treated adequately, among other reasons because it can remain asymptomatic for many years, and many patients already have complications associated with the disease at the time of treatment. diagnosis.

National and international experts, gathered in Malaga within the framework of the XXII Congress of the Spanish Society of Diabetes, discuss these days on the latest advances and achievements in the treatment of this pathology, with the aim of highlighting the importance of early detection of the disease, the individualization of treatment, and the rational use of available drugs.

The best strategy against diabetes 2

Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by high levels of blood glucose, which usually appears after years of insulin resistance by the body. Most specialists insist on the need to diagnose type 2 diabetes in time so that the patient can follow a treatment from the beginning based on a healthy and balanced diet, a controlled physical exercise, and an appropriate pharmacological treatment based on current knowledge on the pathophysiology of the disease.

Doctor Ampudia-Blasco points out the need to treat this pathology from the beginning, since "When not addressed correctly, the consequences of type 2 diabetes are devastating. The hyperglycemia untreated is responsible for chronic microvascular complications, such as nephropathy wave retinopathy, which may appear during the course of the disease. In addition, this contributes to a greater predisposition of these patients to suffer cardiovascular diseases. In fact, diabetic patients always have a higher mortality than the general population with the same number of cardiovascular risk factors.

Dr. Luis Rojas Marcos, professor of psychiatry at New York University and member of the New York Academy of Medicine (USA), points out emotional connections, internal self-control, self-esteem, positive thinking and motivation. to live as the basic pillars to overcome and learn to live with the disease. "Ultimately, optimism stimulates in people suffering from type 2 diabetes, the confidence and motivation necessary to enjoy an active, full and happy life, and it is something that we should look for within ourselves", he says.


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