The risk of developing this serious mental disorder is similar for men and women, and specialists estimate that up to 1% of the population could be affected by the disease before reaching 45 years. Schizophrenia is a disease that severely limits the ability of patients, who present cognitive alterations, delusions and hallucinations, which lead to inappropriate behaviors that generate conflicts in their social relationships, isolating them from their environment and preventing them from leading a normal life.

Professor Jerónimo Saiz, Head of the Psychiatry Service of the Ramón y Cajal Hospital and president of the Spanish Psychiatric Society, emphasizes the importance of controlling schizophrenia with an adequate pharmacological treatment, and warns that patients who stop taking the medication (something which happens frequently) are up to five times more likely to suffer a relapse and require hospital admission, than those who maintain therapeutic adherence.

A new antipsychotic, which is administered through a single monthly dose, will make it easier for patients to continue treatment, reducing the risk of therapeutic abandonment

Recently, a new medicine based on paliperidone palmitate has been presented, which, as explained by Dr. Fernando Cañas, Head of the Psychiatry Service of the Madrid Lafora Psychiatric Hospital, is characterized by its rapid and prolonged action and is effective from the first dose.

The new antipsychotic also has a very important advantage, which is that it is administered through a single monthly dose, which will make it easier for patients to continue treatment and to develop their social and work activities normally, reducing the risk of abandonment and, consequently, , relapses and hospitalizations, which in addition to harming the well-being of the sick and worsening the prognosis of the disease, suppose a high economic cost.

Source: Janssen

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