The experts of the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (SEEN) warn that during the summer holidays the population abandons good habits in terms of diet and exercise practice, and fattens an average of between two and three kilos which, in many cases, rises to five kilos.

And it is that although it is usual that during the spring we worry about slim down a few kilos to look good guy in a swimsuit, when we are finally on vacation we tend not to take care of ourselves and to gain weight easily and quickly. For this reason, experts warn that just as it is detrimental to the body to lose weight quickly, it is also fattening several kilos in a short time.

In holidays it is frequent to eat in restaurants and the buffet of many hotels favors a greater intake, but you can always choose healthy and low-calorie foods

Experts explain that when you gain weight quickly, what increases is body fat, while when the kilos are lost very quickly decreases body mass, which means that the body has a higher percentage of fat, and this makes make it easier to gain weight in the long term.

Following a balanced diet also on vacation should not be so difficult. Although it is frequent to eat in restaurants and the buffet of many hotels favors a greater intake, you can always choose healthy and low-calorie foods. Thus, Dr. Maria Ballesteros, member of the nutrition area of ​​the SEEN, advises to avoid especially the fried and battered and the sauces (for its high content in fat), alcohol, because it only provides empty calories, and sweets.

In addition, Dr. Ballesteros recalls that people with health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol levels have to continue monitoring their food during the holidays.

An alternative to better control food is to prepare ourselves the food to take to the beach or the countryside. Meritxell Gómez, specialist in health and nutrition of the NUSA Program, recommends choosing foods of the Mediterranean diet, such as fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and that will also help us stay hydrated throughout the day. Other healthy options are whole-grain bread sandwiches with tuna, fresh cheese, and low-fat meats and sausages. To dress, olive oil and tomato, and for a healthy snack between hours, nuts and raw vegetables.

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