The combination of a molecule present in oleic acid, one of the main components of olive oil, and the albumin, a protein in the blood, has proven effective in the treatment of spinal injuries, because it is able to reduce muscle spasms and the pain. The research revealed by these data has been carried out by the Motor Sensitive Function Group of the National Hospital of Paraplegics in Toledo, and has been based on previous work carried out at the Institute of Neurosciences of Castilla y León of the University of Salamanca , which observed the neurotrophic factor (regulates the development of neurons) that had this molecule when combined with albumin.

The new therapy has shown its effectiveness in the treatment of spinal cord injuries, because it is able to reduce muscle spasms and pain

The group of researchers, led by Dr. Julian Scott, found that olive oil therapy had several positive effects on mice with spinal cord injuries. Thus, thanks to the neurotrophic factor, this combination of molecules favors the growth of the neurons affected by the injury, which results in an improvement in the mobility of the animals. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which contributes to maintaining the structure of the marrow and, what is very important, acts as an effective analgesic on the damaged marrow.

In Scott's opinion, the results of the study are encouraging because they could lead to the development of a medicine specific to treat people with this type of injuries. Although more tests with mice are still needed, the oleic acid molecule used in the research has already been approved in Europe as an 'orphan drug', which will speed up the start of clinical trials with patients, once it has been proven that the product lacks toxicity and unwanted side effects, and when they get the necessary money (around one million euros), to continue with the project and thus check the effectiveness of the product in humans.

Olive Oil Devine (November 2019).