Obesity may have its origin in emotional disorders and psychological problems -especially in the case of women-, and this is why specialists point out that in order to successfully treat this disease it may be necessary to combine diet and physical exercise with the psychotherapy.

Prolonged stress and anxiety, as well as the consequences of these conditions, such as insomnia, decisively influence overweight and hinder the loss of extra kilos. According to experts, in the case of men, obesity is usually due to inadequate diet or excessive caloric intake, while in women it is also associated with anxiety disorders and the difficulty of managing this situation.

A study conducted by the European Medical Institute of Obesity has also found that, at least in Spain, women are more intolerant of weight problems than men, whether they suffer themselves or other people who are obese . Rubén Bravo, spokesperson of this entity, has pointed out that it is common for Spanish women with a normal weight to attribute obesity to lack of care and a lack of willpower in those who suffer from it, and do not consider it, therefore, a disease.

41% of women who participated in the survey admitted that obesity is an aesthetic problem for them

41% of the women who participated in the survey admitted that for them obesity is an aesthetic problem-compared to 21% of men who felt the same-and all those who were obese reported having been victims of some type of employment discrimination because of their physical appearance, which only happened to 36% of obese men.

The perception that Spanish women have of obesity means that 67% of those who have a normal weight or an easy to treat overweight reject as a couple an obese person, while in the case of men the percentage of those who do not They would marry someone who had weight problems reduced to 17%.

According to Bravo, this may be related to the fact that Spanish women are at the top among those who are most careful to avoid obesity in the entire European Union, unlike the Spanish, who are the Europeans who have more problems of excess weight. The specialist adds that, in our country, neither men nor women feel comfortable with the extra kilos, and they try to fight them following a treatment. In fact, Bravo says that the number of adolescents seeking help to lose weight is also increasing.

Obesity - Mental Health Help with Kati Morton | Kati Morton (November 2019).