Our country imports 2,000 tons of food from Japan. However, Health has reported that there is no danger, since the Government has increased controls as a precaution after the surveillance protocols were activated in the EU. Spain has 42 border points, 22 ports and 20 airports, where more than 400 professionals provide their services. 800 eyes that are more attentive than ever to avoid the passage of possible radioactive products from Japan. So far, as reported by the Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN), which depends on the Ministry of Health, has not entered any food from this country. And since the European protocols were activated to control the entry of possible food contaminated with nuclear radiation from the Japanese country, the Spanish Government has been extremely vigilant.

Roberto Sabrido, president of AESAN, has wanted to reassure Spanish consumers by ensuring that since this system was launched, no food from Japan has entered the border inspection zones. And he has ensured that, in the event that a product reaches one of these points, it would be subject to the corresponding control and, therefore, would not reach the food chain.

It should also be noted that the food products that Spain imports from Japan represent a negligible amount compared to the total exports and imports of this country. In our country about 2,000 tons of food come from Japan each year, of which 1,400 correspond to frozen fish, and the rest is made up of different varieties of tea, and feed for the consumption of domestic animals.

No passenger affected by radiation

Regarding the supply of potassium iodide and the precautions to be taken in this regard, the Government warns that it is a medicine and, therefore, it should not be used unless the health authorities advise it, as it is a product that is distributed exclusively in the areas that must be evacuated due to having suffered radiological contamination.

The 119 people living in Japan, who were traveling on the flight chartered by the Spanish government that landed yesterday in Madrid, have received the corresponding certificates issued by Health after voluntarily submitting to a radiological control, which showed that they did not have contamination indexes.

People who intend to return to Spain on their own from Japan, have at their disposal the information system offered through the following telephone number and email: 901 400 100 and '[email protected]'.


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