A new exercise system that employs a Special air dissipation platform -ABE- allows exercise with greater energy consumption than if it were performed on the floor and with a lower feeling of fatigue for the user.

The method is based on performing aerobic movements on an air chamber, which cushions the impact on the joints, according to a study carried out by the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia. In addition, and thanks to the fact that the perception of physical fatigue is less, this system attracts more sedentary people who get tired easily because they are not accustomed to physical effort.

During the classes, to the rhythm of the music and directed by a specialist monitor in this system, different exercises and movements are combined that mobilize all the muscular groups. In addition to the platform, other devices are used such as weights, elastic bands, sticks ...

The ABE method is based on performing aerobic movements on an air chamber, which cushions the impact on the joints and reduces the feeling of tiredness

The ABE system began in Argentina ten years ago. Currently, it is necessary to undergo a medical evaluation to check the state of health and individual physical capacity before starting training that, if necessary - people with overweight or obesity - can also be supplemented with a dietary advice.

Several studies that have analyzed this system conclude that its use produces a higher oxygen consumption and caloric expenditure, which facilitates weight loss.

Dr. Alberto Sacristán, medical director of the ABE system explains that the consumption of calories during an ABE session is higher than that of an aerobics class, but that the feeling of fatigue is less, so users, who can move to their own pace, do not exhaust. According to Sacristán, an individual of 70 kilos spends between 15% and 20% more calories per minute using the ABE platform than if he performs the same exercises on the ground.

One of the great advantages of this system is that it can be used by people of all ages and, above all, by patients affected by joint problems, since the ABE platforms exert a cushioning effect that benefits the lower joints, such as the knees and the hips.

Training When You're Tired (November 2019).