A new regulations of the European Union (EU), which has just come into force, increases security controls over the cosmetics that are marketed in member countries, and obliges manufacturers to offer consumers more detailed information on the composition and effects of these products.

The new rules that will govern the commercialization of cosmetics from now on were approved at the end of 2009, but a period of time has been granted to facilitate the manufacturers' application. As explained by Neven Mimica, the European Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, the purpose of this amendment is to better protect consumers, and that consumers have more information about these products, ranging from toothpaste to toothpaste. makeup.

In order to carry out a follow-up to verify that the standards are being complied with, a European manufacturers register, called Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP), in which about 320,000 cosmetic products have already been registered.

The aim of the new regulation is to better protect consumers, and that consumers have more information about cosmetic products and their safety and efficacy

Manufacturers must designate a person who is responsible for the products to be subjected to the corresponding safety tests, in addition to developing systems that collect consumer complaints and the possible adverse effects of these cosmetics. The competent authorities of the EU countries will be in charge of verifying that the standards are being complied with and of establishing the sanctions pertinent to the manufacturers that infringe them.

The European Commission has also adopted a new regulation with the aim of preventing misleading advertising which highlights the beneficial effects of certain cosmetics that do not conform to reality, such as the alleged action for 48 hours or the anti-wrinkle effect. Those manufacturers that want to report this type of properties of their products must meet criteria such as 'proven efficacy', that is, they must provide evidence of such effectiveness before including that information on the label.

Cosmetic products claims in the EU (September 2019).