For all those who do not know, the SuperNanas project it is a solidary and global idea, whose main objective is to defend and favor the child population and to establish the necessary measures so that children can lead and develop a new, more just and sustainable future. For this they resort to various projects, such as the recording of lullabies sung by popular national artists such as Enrique Bunbury, Iván Ferreiro, Coque Malla or Mala Rodríguez.

As they explain, they aim to raise awareness, raise awareness and educate, raising money through creative actions that awaken the sense of responsibility, without blaming. The funds raised are used to support projects that are being carried out on the ground by other NGOs that intend to achieve the same objectives as SuperNanas. To achieve their objectives, in addition to recording these discs they perform other actions such as Baby Picnic -A dream workshop between parents and children that promotes creativity, spreading essential values ​​such as solidarity or altruism, and offers families the opportunity to share an experience through musical and recreational activities-, SuperNanas Family Fest or Put Yourself on my Shoes -A campaign that aims to appeal to the politicians of the world to put them in the shoes of all those children in the world who do not have to eat, play or school, by exposing the shoes of those children who lack these fundamental rights and a text that tells their stories.

Second volume of Supernanas

The first volume of SuperNanas was a success, that's why they decided to get a new volume of lullabies of different styles, from pop or rock, through rap or folk. This new delivery, will allocate its benefits to children of Save The Children.

The songs can be obtained on-line on his Facebook profile and in all the FNAC stores spread across the Spanish territory, since a CD will be released with the 14 songs played by Coque Malla, Iván Ferreiro, El Petit de Cal Eril, Enrique Bunbury, First Aid Kit, Tony Foundation Manero, Mishima, Pastora, Mala Rodríguez, Mel, Mendetz, Rubén (Pereza) and Kike Suárez & La Desbandada, The New Raemon and Maria Rodés, The Pinker Tones.

♥♥ 639 Hz | Chœur de guérisseurs angéliques | Équilibre les relations ♥♥ (November 2019).