Most men do not know the effects that smoking can have on their sex life. Experts estimate that more than 60% of smokers will have erection problems, and that between 30 and 40% have alterations in fertility. Thus, men who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day have a lower concentration of sperm that, in most cases, would resolve when quitting tobacco.

According to Dr. Ignacio Moncada, coordinator of the Andrology Group of the Spanish Association of Urology (AEU), "Tobacco is a serious public health problem that the population is not fully aware of. Generally, those who have smoked for many years have changes in the cardiovascular system that are irreversible and that also affect their sexual function. Sperm production also deteriorates with the habit of smoking. For this reason, it is very important for the male to be aware of his situation and to consult the urologist in order to rule out any possible complication. "

Experts warn that nicotine is directly related to the inability of the male to get an erection, because it functions as a vasoconstrictor that affects the vascular system of the penis, reducing the blood flow it receives. The tobacco produces a significant deterioration of the blood vessels that ends up causing impotence.

For an erection to occur it is necessary that large amounts of blood flow penetrate the arteries of the penis. The venous system of the penis, then, is compressed to retain the blood, which is trapped in cavities called cavernous sinuses, and this is how the erection is maintained. This process is altered in smokers due to the effect of tobacco, and this is why they have difficulties not only to start an erection, but also to maintain it for as long as necessary.

Tobacco also increases the risk of suffering from other diseases, such as cardiovascular disorders, "at the same level as other factors such as hypertension, diabetes or cholesterol," says Dr. Moncada. Bladder cancer and prostate cancer also have a higher incidence among male smokers. According to the AEU, smoking two packs of tobacco for more than 20 years increases the risk of developing a bladder tumor by up to 90%.

The risk increases the greater the amount of cigarettes consumed and the number of years of smoking. As explained by Dr. Bernardino Miñana, coordinator of the Oncology Urology Group of the AEU, "the relationship between snuff and cancer is very clear in the bladder tumor because, being a storage organ, carcinogenic substances derived from tobacco they stay in contact with this area for longer, until they are expelled through the urine. In fact, smoking around two packages of tobacco for more than 20 years is a very high risk of suffering from this disease.

In the case of prostate cancer, studies have also shown a higher incidence and poorer prognosis among male smokers, and Dr. Miñana points out that "in tumors as prevalent as bladder and prostate, in which found a clear relationship with tobacco, the measures taken by the Administration aimed at reducing this habit would offer undoubted social benefits in the long term by reducing its incidence with the reduction of associated health costs ".

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