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Test: Are you brave?

The courage it is considered a virtue, and is defined as the ability to voluntarily face a situation that entails some type of risk, if it is considered necessary to do so. That does not mean that...
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Test Do you know how to forgive?

Revenge is the plot basis of many films, but in real life the grudge and revenge are not practical, and make both the one against whom they are directed and the one who decides to take revenge for...
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Test are you a hypochondriac?

We are increasingly aware of the importance of adopting healthy habits since childhood, so that a sedentary lifestyle, an inadequate diet, or the abuse of toxic substances such as alcohol and tobacco...
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Test: are you an emotional dependent?

Your parents, your partner, your best friend ... Trying to always do what others want can make it easier for you to avoid making your own decisions, but you will stop living your life to follow the...
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Test are you aggressive?

Being aggressive is not the same as reacting aggressively in a timely manner, but in both cases, it is a behavior that not only does not solve any problem, but can cause unpleasant situations and...
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Self-esteem development factors

The self esteem we can define it as the assessment we make of ourselves based on the experiences and sensations that we have experienced throughout life. The expectations we have about ourselves and...
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Motivation test

To be successful and achieve your goals in life you have to be persevering and not surrender to the first obstacle that presents itself. Human beings act motivated by stimuli and to obtain good...
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What is postponement

Postponement (or procrastination) is the act of "leaving things for tomorrow." When this attitude is repeated too often in our lives, it is an important limit to achieve our goals, both banal (for...
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Consequences of the lack of decision

To live is to decide. The decision making it is an implicit task in the life of the human being from its origins. In all times and cultures the human being has had to make choices about different...
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Test: Do you suffer anxiety?

The anxiety It is part of our emotions, and it is natural to feel it in certain situations such as an unforeseen event, a change of address or work, an accident, or any event that we consider a...
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