In the report 'Obesity as a pandemic of the 21st century', which provides information on the scope of this global health problem in Spain, Latin America and Portugal, the data referring to Mexico stand out, which indicate that in this country about a third of The population suffers from overweight or obesity, which is why it has the highest obesity rates of all the analyzed ones.

The experts observed that in the case of Mexico there were differences between some ethnic groups and that the incidence of obesity was higher among the population that is not of European origin, which could be associated with genetic inheritance.

In Mexico about a third of the population suffers from overweight or obesity

The report, which has been prepared with the collaboration of the Mapfre Foundation, and will be presented at the XX Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Latin American Association of National Academies of Medicine, Spain and Portugal (ALANAM), also points out that Spain is one of the Countries where obesity has higher prevalence among people over 65 years of age when comparing this data with those obtained in some Latin American countries. At the other extreme is Peru, which has the lowest incidence of obesity and overweight among all the countries evaluated in the document.

A common denominator, according to the specialists who have intervened in the report - the first one who has analyzed exhaustively the epidemiological characteristics of obesity and overweight in these countries - is that the incidence of childhood and adolescent obesity is quite high.

Therefore, and taking into account the diseases associated with overweight that can develop in adulthood, such as type 2 diabetes, the experts of these Academies of Medicine recommend that a common effort be made, assessing the characteristics of each country, to establish preventive measures that are sustainable and can be maintained in the long term.

Obesity in America (November 2019).