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Origin and composition of mint

Themint, also calledpeppermint Yzapo grass, is an edible herb typical of the Mediterranean regions -such as Italy or French Provence- and Central Asia, although the main world producer is the United...
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What is ginseng

Known as "the king of plants", the amazing properties of ginseng they have spread all over the world. There are so many benefits attributed to it by oriental medicine According to legend, the god...
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How is the dong quai taken?

You can find thedong quai in specialized stores in Phytotherapy. There are different formats for sale, including powders, capsules, tincture and, sometimes, it is possible to find this plant in...
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Properties and benefits of echinacea

Undoubtedly, the most frequent use of Echinacea, and for which it is better known, is to reduce the symptoms of the common cold. This is due to the two main properties of this plant, that is, its...
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What is the harpagofito

From southern Africa we get what is considered one of the best herbal anti-inflammatory drugs known: the harpagofito. It is a very valid alternative to conventional anti-inflammatory drugs, which...
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Active principles of flax

The flax seeds -linaza- they are revealed as one of the main sources of unsaturated fatty acids of the Omega 3 type that are known, since they contain them in a proportion of 30 to 40% of their...
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What is the artichoke, origin and composition

Half of the adult Spanish population has high cholesterol, according to a study of Nutrition and Cardiovascular Risk. Through the Internet and other media, there are many announcements about...
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What is saffron, and active ingredients

The name of saffron may derive from the Arabic term safaran. The stigmas, once pulverized, are used to give color and flavor to foods, but also to garments and ornaments. But there is not the thing,...
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