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Objectives and functions of an animal shelter

The hostels they are the salvation of the animals that have been abandoned or mistreated, have been lost or, unfortunately, their owners can not continue to attend. Thanks to these non-profit...
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Insurance for dogs, when they are necessary

If you have decided to have a dog or you already live with one you should make a safe for dogs that covers both the possible damages and damages to third parties that could cause, as well as the...
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How is the day to day in an animal shelter

The rhythm that is experienced daily in a shelter of animals It can be exhausting. Animals do not understand holidays or holidays, they need attention 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To this we must...
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Requirements and coverages of the insurance for dogs

To be able to hire a safe for the dog, the companies demand that a series of Requirements as:The dog must be between three months and nine years old, although from 7 years of age, many companies do...
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Educate the puppy's eating habits

Educate the food habits of our puppy It is very important because it will be easier for them to keep them when they reach adulthood, for this reason:Between six and eight weeks of age we will feed...
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The change of the aquarium water, a delicate ritual

It is important to understand that a Aquarius It is a small ecosystem in which a biological cycle develops. This is why it requires a partial change of water, and not total, so that we can control...
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What is an animal shelter?

To understand the operation of a shelter of animals before we must know what it is, since they are usually confused well with collection centers, better known as municipal kennels, or with the animal...
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How summer affects the five senses of the dog

The sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch of your pet can also suffer certain summer ills, as they are the organs that are most in contact with the outside and the climatic conditions of each...
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A yellow tie on a dog's collar, what does it mean?

There are many occasions in which dogs They need to walk quietly and it is convenient to avoid people stopping them to caress them. To get rid of a situation as uncomfortable as having to go around...
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Tips for buying a red fish

If you have decided to purchase copies of Red fish for your home aquarium, these are the points that you should look at to get the right choice:Have previously assigned the space where you will...
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