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Responsible for the quality of life of the dog

Those responsible for maintaining health, improving the welfare and prolonging the life of the dog are its owner and the vet who treats you Here are some tips that both parties should follow so that...
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When should I vaccinate my cat?

Below we will try to explain the vaccination protocols that exist for cats, so you know when to go with him to the veterinarian at each age:Factors on which the type of cat vaccine depends and the...
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Benefits and risks of vaccinating your cat

At this point, you may be wondering what the vaccination to your cat. Well, when vaccines your best friend you are protecting him from diseases that can cause serious damage and even death, helping...
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Complications of canine diabetes

The complications of canine diabetes they can affect any dog diabetic and become serious. The most common are:Waterfalls: Degeneration of the lens caused by the variations that excess glucose causes...
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