The Nuevo Horizonte Association, a non-profit organization, was created in 1980 by a group of parents whose children had infantile autism, now dedicates to the care of adults with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and continues to support and guide families. One of the areas developed by the Association within the world of art is music, trying to alleviate the unique deficits of these people, such as creativity, imagination, flexibility ... In this sense, and to bring them closer to normal, the band Mäbu He has made a couple of concerts with this association.

On March 8, they repeat their experience with a small concert at La Asociación Nuevo Horizonte at 12.00. (Avda. Comunidad de Madrid, 43, Las Rozas de Madrid, Tel: 91 637 74 55. Everyone is invited to see how music contributes to creating rewarding experiences in these people's lives and helps them express their emotions.

Mäbu are a group formed by María Blanco (guitar and voice), Txarlie Solano (bass and keyboard), Dan Arias (guitar), Cesar Uña (drums) and Aridai Vega (violin). Currently they are presenting their first album, entitled "Good morning" (as one of the songs that compose it), which means the continuation of their successful EP presentation, "Hallo", published in the spring of last year.

Mäbu & Rayden - La Locura (November 2019).