Lymphoma is a tumor that affects the ganglia of the lymphoid system and that usually appears especially after 50 years. Currently it is the most frequent type of hematological cancer, and only in Spain 6,000 new cases are detected each year.

On the occasion of the celebration on September 15 of 'World Lymphoma Day', the experts wanted to remember that although its incidence is increasing, and in 90% of cases its origin is unknown or the causes that cause it, an early diagnosis allows the definitive disappearance of this tumor to be possible in each time a greater number of patients

And is that the advances in lymphoma treatment -Of which there are more than 30 types-, thanks above all to the development of new drugs such as monoclonal antibodies, not only have the survival of patients affected by this neoplasm increased, but it has also allowed, in many cases, the tumor to be definitively eliminated.

New drugs, such as monoclonal antibodies, have increased the survival of lymphoma patients and, in many cases, have allowed the tumor to be eliminated.

Know them symptoms of lymphoma helps early detection, which increases the chances of cure. The most frequent and striking symptom of lymphatic cancer it is the appearance of a lump in the neck, the cervical area, the armpits or the groin. In fact, it is swollen lymph nodes, something that can be confused with an infection, and that can delay the diagnosis. For this reason it is always advisable to consult a specialist before the appearance of a package that does not disappear in any of the indicated areas.

Other symptoms that may indicate the possibility of suffering lymphoma and that you also have to consult with the specialist, especially if combined, are: fever intermittent, weightloss abruptly for no reason that justifies it, excessive sweating at night without apparent cause, itching, Y fatigue persistent.

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