Brewer's yeast or, better said, the waste generated during the elaboration of this refreshing drink, could serve to develop a new slimming product and fight like this overweight and obesity, according to the results of a study carried out by the biotechnology company AB Biotics and the brewer, Grupo Damm.

The purpose of the study was to find out how to take advantage of the huge amount of yeast residues left after brewing, which were used to feed pigs until now, and discovered that this yeast has the capacity to block absorption by part of the organism of harmful fats, such as saturated fats and fatty acids, at the same time that favors the absorption of fats that are considered good - monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

After 90 days the volunteers lost an average of 2-3 kilos of weight and the perimeter of their waist was reduced up to two centimeters, without following diet or changing their lifestyle

Products with these properties are already commercialized on the market, but they are made from shells or shells of shellfish, which is why they come from very diverse sources, while the yeast used in the study and which would serve to develop the anti-aging product. fat 'comes from the same strain.

The researchers carried out several studies with animal and human models, in which two hospitals collaborated, on October 12, Madrid and the Clínic de Barcelona. They made pills with the residues of the yeast and gave them to 30 volunteers suffering from obesity. After 90 days these people lost an average of 2-3 kilos of weight and also the perimeter of their waist was reduced to two centimeters; all without following any type of diet or changing your lifestyle.

So far, both companies have applied for the patent to market their discovery as a slimming product, and Xavier Castañé, Head of Research and Central Laboratory of the Damm Group, explained that they are also working to incorporate the residue of yeast into other foods, and even to the beer itself.