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Nothing vain

You are not vain. You accept, even if you do not like it, that people do not have to think like you, value what you have, or accept you unconditionally. If this fact is because you accept it "without more" it is perfect, but also check your self-esteem, because it is possible that you do not even value it.

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You have features of a vain person

You tend to show arrogant and overly proud behaviors. It is not that you are not happy with what you have, but that you do not presume so much about it. On the other hand, remember that others also have their physical and emotional needs that you can help satisfy.

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You're a scoundrel of tom and loin

You are a very vain person. It will be difficult to recognize reading this, but your behaviors tend to be defined by narcissism, self-centeredness and pride. Check the impact of your behavior. It is possible that this way of acting causes you to remain isolated, or that the people who stay by your side do so despite experiencing significant discomfort. Surely you can change your attitude if you wish.

Key & Peele - Auction Block (November 2019).