Autumn and winter are the most favorable seasons for the circulation of viruses responsible for infections such as influenza and colds. The drop in temperatures that characterizes this time of year favors the proliferation and transmission of these viruses and, according to specialists, young children - especially if they go to the nursery, where they are in close contact with other children - play a fundamental role as reservoirs and transmitters of this type of infections that, however, attack adults with greater virulence.

Experts do not give importance to these conditions in children, because they consider them a normal and necessary process that must happen, because in order for the immune system of small children to develop and function properly, it is important to face these minor infections so that, when the time comes, he will be able to fight a more serious infection. They affirm, in addition, that if the child is healthy he will not have problems to overcome them.

Young children - especially if they go to the nursery - play a fundamental role as reservoirs and transmitters of the viruses responsible for the cold and the flu

Precisely the immaturity of the immune system makes the smallest are especially susceptible to contracting and transmitting these viruses, which cause respiratory infections. However, they have an advantage that adults do not have and, as Dr. Eduardo López Granados, member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Immunology Society, explains, the children's defenses are also more agile than those of the children. adults, and respond before the infection, which is why it is usually milder.

As for children who do not pass through the nursery, and go directly to school, they will not get rid of these infections either -although they may be less and less soft-, because in reality it is the only way to acquire and strengthen the defenses immune

In the case of influenza, in Spain the vaccine is not recommended for healthy children and only children with risk factors are immunized. However, it is advisable to vaccinate adults who are going to live with a baby under six months to avoid infecting him. In the event that a child with the flu has symptoms such as respiratory distress, fever that lasts several days, decay, vomiting, or a poor general condition that does not improve, it is necessary for parents to consult the pediatrician.

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