After finishing the Easter holidays, and the culinary excesses that may have been committed during the same, Spanish women have started what is popularly known as 'operation bikini', in order to get rid of the extra kilos, in just three months, before the summer holidays, and this has meant that slimming diets have increased no less than 30%.

Experts warn of the dangers of wanting to lose weight quickly to be able to look like a guy on the beach, and insist that the diet must be supervised by a doctor, and it is necessary to perform an analytic beforehand, and that the specialist Indicate the most appropriate diet according to the characteristics and needs of the patient. Folk remedies or miracle diets can have negative repercussions on health, explains José Antonio Casermeiro, of the medical department of Laboratorios Ysonut.

The data provided by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), reveal that more than 60 percent of women who decide to carry out a diet to lose weight do so for aesthetic reasons and not by adopting healthy lifestyle habits. This percentage increases when it comes to women between the ages of 25 and 54.

The expert recommends that not only take into account the calories provided by a food, but what are the appropriate times for its consumption to be more beneficial

Dr. Casermeiro explains that women who usually start a diet in the month of May do not have obesity, but rather women who want to lose the five or six kilos that they think are left over, before putting on their summer clothes. This expert recommends that not only be taken into account the calories provided by a food, but what are the appropriate times for their consumption is more beneficial to the body, and points out that you have to get used to eating in a varied way, dividing the amount in five shots a day.

Thus, from Laboratorios Ysonut they propose a formula that helps maintain a healthy weight, called 'Ritmonutrition', which postulates that to follow a diet or achieve a balanced diet should pay attention to biological rhythms and, in addition to correctly choosing the food and the amount and purpose with which they are ingested, learn to adapt the meal schedule to these rhythms biological


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