The experts gathered in the framework of the XVI International AIDS Symposium 2011, held these days in Barcelona, ​​predict that, "in a few months", it is expected that new drugs will be released to improve the treatment against hepatitis C.

This disease, as recalled by the secretary of the Spanish Association for the Study of the Liver (AEEH) and hepatologist of the Clinic, Xavier Forns, suffer about 30 percent of those infected with HIV. Current medications only work in 50 percent of cases, but Forns is confident that with the new drugs increase this percentage and is able to alleviate the reinforcement dynamics that HIV and hepatitis C have when they occur at the same time.

The complications of this second infection are not only sanitary, but also affect the pocket, since the price of treating hepatitis C is an added cost of between 6,000 and 8,000 euros that should last between six months and a year.

Gatell also recalled that 30 percent of the nearly 150,000 people infected with HIV in Spain do not know they have the disease, which makes them responsible for about 70 percent of new infections.


Hep C Diagnostic Summit 2016 - Session I (November 2019).