Experts claim the use of clinical hypnosis, as supportive therapy in the treatment of pain and relief of symptoms of many conditions, but also in consideration of its beneficial properties for the immune and endocrine systems, which makes it indicated in many neuropsychophysiological processes.

Currently, our country does not recognize hypnosis as a scientific discipline, but it is regulated as a tool for clinical use in other countries, such as Israel or Costa Rica, since it has been shown to be effective in the treatment of chronic diseases, and in the relief of pain. The association of hypnosis with the world of the spectacle has harmed this discipline, and has generated a distorted image of its authentic qualities. Therefore, specialists in this field such as Mario Araña, director of the Interdisciplinary Scientific Society ACAPI-PSICONDEC, advocate incorporating it into Spanish health system, regularizing its use, and establishing that the doctor is the only one in charge of its administration.

Spider, doctor in Clinical Psychology and National Prize of Investigation, considers that the great potential of the hypnosis is being wasted, and explains that it can be used successfully to treat the chronically ill, those that do not respond well to other treatments, and to alleviate symptoms in cancer patients, among other applications. According to this specialist, hypnosis is especially effective against diseases that affect the musculoskeletal system, and ensures that studies have also been performed that have also proven useful in surgery, because it reduces blood loss and promotes postoperative recovery. In addition, he adds, it has been found that it influences the immune system, which implies a direct benefit for the patient's health, since it contributes to reducing the duration of the disease and its consequences.

This expert in hypnosis insists that in other countries this technique is already used as support therapy, and there are hospital units that are dedicated to research on their medical applications. In his opinion, in Spain his example should be followed, and precisely to spread knowledge about this tool for clinical use has been created in our country the first international virtual library of scientific and health hypnosis, which has been called International Open Repository on Scientific and Health Hypnosis. In this library, whose access is free and free, more than 1,200 scientific documents on hypnosis have been compiled -selected under strict criteria that guarantee the rigor of its contents-, with the aim of making available to the interested parties as much as possible. information about the characteristics of hypnosis and the results obtained with its use. The library can be consulted at the address of the

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