Barcelona hosts these days the XVI International AIDS Symposium 2011. Among other news and developments, some of the experts gathered there have stressed that HIV-infected patients age between 10 and 15 years prematurely although they continue antiretroviral treatment, which increases your risk of suffering health problems added to the disease.

Among those complications that are not related to the infection would be cardiovascular problems, cancer varieties and neuronal deterioration. This premature aging responds to multiple factors, among which the same pharmacological treatment is also found. In any case, the current pharmacological treatment has managed to reduce viral replication to a minimum and has increased exponentially the hope and quality of life of the patients, although the residual viral load is maintained and requires that said treatment be maintained all the time. lifetime.

It is estimated that the average annual cost of drugs needed for AIDS is between 7,000 and 8,000 euros per person, but this figure can increase with additional complications such as the hepatitis C virus or the same deterioration of health caused by the aging.


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